Engagement Season

Happy New Year!!! Many couples get engaged over Christmas and New Year's and it's great to just enjoy the bliss of that event for a while. But not too long! Couples start to get into planning mode and you can't delay on booking the DJ, otherwise you may end up with someone you're not excited about. Though it never hurts to check in with the vendors you like! I just booked a January Sunday wedding a few weeks ago for a couple who secured their venue and then procrastinated on everything else :). (Some people do not like all the planning details; if that's you, I always recommend hiring a professional planner, or "day of" planner to make sure things go smoothly and you don't forget anything!).

I am now booking for all of 2018, and I start holding 2019 dates about half way through the year. The beauty of this gorgeous state is that there are benefits to every single month throughout the year - and more people are moving their wedding dates to Friday & Sunday to not have to prolong an engagement to wait for their ideal weekend. I never book 2 events on the same day, but I may book multiple events on the same weekend, depending on locations.

Who will get engaged on Valentine's Day? Don't let them snatch the DJ you want, so book early!