Since being inspired at a Jurassic 5 show...

in 2003, I decided to take my hobby and make it a career. I have been working as a DJ all over Colorado and now reside in Denver.  I have always been a "digital music hoarder" and being able to share my large music collection with other people is a dream.  I have found my calling and my passion and love playing all sorts of venues and parties from bars to weddings. 

I grew up just outside of  New York City, and spent my weekends clubbing in Manhattan and listening to hip-hop and house DJs from around the world. I enjoy playing my style of music, of course, but I am also incredibly inspired by other artists and DJs, so festivals like the Electric Forest are some of my favorite places to be.

I lived and worked in Vail for about 12 years before moving to Denver with my growing family. I am very familiar with the mountain communities and venues, and the unique challenges our Colorado weather occasionally presents.

Currently, I play a dance/bar set every Friday night and a calm good vibes set every Sunday morning for brunch.  I mix different genres depending on the mood and the party and what matches with your tastes.


What Dj carve is and is Not....

These are some common things that I think a lot of people wonder about when they hire a DJ.  For some, these traits are what they are looking for in a DJ (which is fine!), but I want to make sure that we are a good fit for your event.

Dj Carve is...                                                                                           Dj Carve is not...

  • I am prepared for everything.
    • I'll bring all necessary speakers, microphones, and music to the ceremony, cocktail and the reception.
  • I don't nickle and dime you.
    • I'm happy to download any song, original or remix, in the clean versions at no extra charge. (Beware of DJs that charge for items like this.)  Traditional songs like the Hora are no problem.
  • I am able to act as Master of Ceremonies (MC).
    • I can do all your announcements and introductions and will have a wireless mic available for guest toasts and prayers. But I'm not someone who is constantly on the mic.
  • I do like to get to know the couple.
    • I prefer to meet in person before the event and discuss what you like and dislike about past weddings.  We go over contracts, information sheets and all your do-play and do-not-play songs.
  • I mix beats (many DJs do not).
    • I use my digital turntables and cut off songs early or loops beats.  I use the same equipment that I use live at a show or at a bar. This keeps the energy going, no need to hear the long endings of songs.
  • I am very flexible.
    • I do not mind communication on changes up to the wedding day (you never have to apologize for changing your mind - it's your big day!).  I like lots of feedback and song choices as it creates an event that is uniquely yours, so do not hold back.
  • I am not a singer.  
    • I don't sing along to any of the songs or play karaoke with myself or guests.  I think the songs are better left to the singers.
  • I do not dress up.
    • I come dressed in a suit, tuxedo or whatever the dress code conveys.  I do not dress in costumes or as characters, the music is the focus of what I do.
  • I do not play the Chicken Dance.
    • We have access to so much wonderful music that playing old wedding songs like the Chicken Dance, YMCA, and the Macarena has gone by the wayside.  If these are the types of songs that you picture as a key part of your wedding reception, I would suggest going with another DJ. I can recommend more modern songs that get the whole dance floor involved if that's what you like about these songs.
  • I do not initiate games like the limbo or the dollar dance.
    • If there is an event that you like, I can incorporate them into the wedding, but I will not spontaneously start these games. I am a big fan of the generations dance, especially if you have special guests in your family you'd like to honor.
  • I do not dance with guests. 
    • Again, the music is the focus and the energy created by it will get your guests dancing. I attended a wedding where the DJ was physically pulling people out of their chairs, and that is not me.