School Events Djs Denver

School events are great opportunities to introduce kids to new music and the kids also teach me about music I haven’t heard yet. It’s important to me to speak to the students before I DJ an event to ensure I have their requests and am aware of who is hot and popular.

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I remember going to school dances and always being disappointed with the music. The DJs were always so out of touch with what we liked, didn’t take requests, and their equipment sounded old. That’s why when I do school events, I bring the best equipment, lights, and plenty of base. I also take the students’ requests during the event to ensure that the party is about them.

I can provide clean versions of the songs, so it’s possible to have a “PG” event if that’s what the planner wants. As a father myself, I know the most important thing about a kids event is the kids and making sure they have a good time. Check out my gallery to see some pictures of previous school events around Vail and Summit Counties.