Music transcends, changes moods, and unites people. Music is so important to me that I turned my passion for music into a career by djing for a living. Based in Vail, Colorado, I have worked hard to become the premier DJ for hundreds of clients and I am glad to be of service for your next event.

As a kid, growing up in New York, I spent my weekends clubbing in Manhattan and listening to hip-hop and house DJs from around the world. I enjoy playing my style of music and I am also inspired by other artists, so festivals like Electric Forest are my favorite places to be.  



I have opened for Sugar Hill Gang, Flobots, Mickey Avalon, Black Angels, Beatbox, Who’s Bad?, Bone Thugs, P.O.D, Tea Leaf Green and others. Some of my favorite parties have been with Vail Mountain for special events including Under Armour, Pond Skimming and the infamous 4 @ 4 party on closing day. 

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